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Copper Products (Specific Gravity: 8,9 )

ECU 99,9% : Electrolytic, 58 conductivity copper material used as busbar in high-low-currency panels and transformers. Standard products incude Rod, flat, straight pipe, coil pipe, Hollow Sections, Grounding rod - plate, Roofing, Copper fittings and fine wires. In addition, forging process is applied to non-standard size of sheets enabling the sheets to be made in desired sizes.

CU-Cr-Zr (Chromium alloy) : High electrical conductivity, hardness and strength required at high temperatures. Available to use in Panel radiators, Gas tanks, Automotive and white goods. It is used as electrode holder in spot welding machines, seam welding discs and spot-welding electrode in welding process of Low-carbon steels (, etc...), Galvanized sheets (Automotive and white goods). It is also used as immersion electrode in erosion machines and a busbar in transformers.

Cu-co-Ni-Be (Beryllium alloy): Available to use in components requiring higher hardness and higher strength at higher temperatures even if lower conductivity. It acts as spot welding electrode in production of Steel wire mesh, wheels and chain and mold nozzle in Brass, Aluminium, Zinc and plastic injection machines.













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